Will Xiao

BSID, MLA<br /> Landscape Designer

Will began his design journey at Western Michigan University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. While attending a graphic workshop in Las Vegas during his studies, he was introduced to a wide array of design professionals, which led him to discover the realm of landscape architecture. It was the connections made during this experience that ultimately inspired him to pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture at UBC, from which he graduated in the spring of 2023.

Will grew up in the serene mountainous landscapes of Shiyan in central China. His childhood years were predominantly spent alongside his grandparents in the countryside, amongst rugged peaks and meandering rivers which inspired a life-long bond with the natural world. He brings this inspiration to Kelowna, where he is excited to acquaint himself with the tapestry of the landscape and lifestyles of the Okanagan Valley.

Will is particularly delighted of the special magic that happens when people animate a space he’s been involved in designing, and use it in unexpected ways. Away from work, Will’s favourite place to recharge and connect with nature is on the shores of Okanagan Lake, where he enjoys the tactile experiences of the water, sand and breeze.